Welcome to BioSPPy

I know you're listening!

BioSPPy is a toolbox for biosignal processing written in Python. The toolbox bundles together various signal processing and pattern recognition methods geared torwards the analysis of biosignals.


  • Support for various biosignals: BVP, ECG, EDA, EEG, EMG, Respiration
  • Signal analysis primitives: filtering, frequency analysis
  • Clustering
  • Biometrics



Installation can be easily done with pip:

$ pip install biosppy

Simple Example

The code below loads an ECG signal from the examples folder, filters it, performs R-peak detection, and computes the instantaneous heart rate.

import numpy as np
from biosppy.signals import ecg

# load raw ECG signal
signal = np.loadtxt('./examples/ecg.txt')

# process it and plot
out = ecg.ecg(signal=signal, sampling_rate=1000., show=True)